Waxing & Detailing

We offer full service yacht detailing for boat owners in Minnesota/Wisconsin. Detailing a boat involves much more than applying and removing wax.

All compartments are opened and cleaned, any stains, mold and scuffs are removed, and teak decks are cleaned as needed.


Fiberglass Repair

We offer all phases of fiberglass repair, from minor boat repairs to collisions, using high-quality materials – such as kevlar, carbon fiber, and composite core materials.

No matter how big or small your fiberglass damage is, Top Knot Marine is willing, able and ready to restore it to new condition.



We use state of the art shrink-wrapping techniques to fully protect your boat all winter long, reducing the potential of trapped moisture.

When installed properly, your boat will endure the harsh winter months and come out in great shape for the spring launch.


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